Booking Information and Technical Specs

If you are thinking about booking us, here are some considerations before you contact us for a quote.

  1. We are a dance and party band. That means we are loud! While we do our best to adjust our volume to the venue’s needs, some events or venues are just not right for our band. If you’re looking for background music, we’re probably not it.
  2. Do you have a PA system on-site? Yes? Great! No? No problem! We’re fully equipped and can supply our own PA system for a surcharge. Please see below for specs.
  3. We’re good-looking people – please don’t stick us in a dark corner! If your space doesn’t have lighting, let us know. We have a simple lighting rig we can supply free-of-charge, or we can bring a larger lighting solution for a surcharge.
  4. You’re WHERE?!?!?! – we’re a Toronto-based band, but no matter where you are, we’ll come out to your venue or event, we just might charge a little more. Seems fair, right?
  5. Soundcheck – when is best for us to run a quick soundcheck? We know no one wants to hear a band test mics while having dinner, and we’ll do our best to be as unobtrusive as possible, but in order for us to sound our best later in the night, it’s a necessary evil to run a thorough check before we get started.
  6. Are you running promos/specials? Would you like us to announce them? No problem! Give us a list and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of. We’re here to make sure both the band and the venue have a good night!

Technical Specs

We are a four-piece band and while we love playing venues with a spacious stage, we’re quite comfortable cramming ourselves into small spaces as well. However, between gear and humans, we need a minimum of 12ft x 8ft.

PA Equipment We Can Provide

  • Mackie 16-Channel digital mixer
  • Yorkville NX55P PA speakers – 1,100 watts total – adequate for rooms holding up to 200 people
  • Yorkville LS700P subwoofers – 1,400 watts total – adequate for rooms holding up to 300 people in conjuction with above
    • For larger shows, we can supplement our existing system with additional speakers

Technical Requirements

If you’re interested in hiring us for a corporate event or wedding, please get in touch with us to determine what sort of equipment will be necessary for your event, given the size of the room, number of people in attendance, etc. While we’re more than happy to rent any required gear ourselves, many venues will have a dedicated A/V company that they deal with who will require a rider from the band.

Stage 16ft x 12ft or 20ft x 12ft
PA – Front of House 2 x Main Top Cabinets (Yorkville E1152 or equivalent – quantity scaled up to accommodate event)

2 x Subwoofer Cabinets (Yorkville LS808 or equivalent – quantity scaled up to accommodate event)

2 x Power Amplifier (Yorkville AP4040 or equivalent – quantity scaled up to accommodate event)

1 x 16 Channel mixer capable of 4 monitor feeds (Soundcraft GBR2 or equivalent)

PA – Monitors 4 x Floor Monitors (Yorkville EM526 or equivalent)

2 x Power Amplifier (Yorkville AP4020 or equivalent)

Lead vocals

Keyboards (stereo)

1 x vocal mic (own Sennheiser e835 provided)

1 x DI

2 x XLR


Backing vocals

1 x vocal mic (own Shure SM58 provided)

1 x boom mic stand

2 x XLR

Bass guitar

Backing vocals

1 x vocal mic (own Sennheiser e845 provided)

1 x boom mic stand

2 x XLR

Drums 1 x Kick Drum mic (AKG D112 or equivalent)

1 x Kick Drum mic stand

1 x Snare Drum Top mic (AKG C518 or equivalent) w/ clip

2 x Overhead mics (AKG C430 or equivalent)

2 x boom mic stand

4 x XLR

Totals: 1 x Sennheiser e835 (provided)

1 x Sennheiser e845 (provided)

1 x Shure SM58 (provided)

1 x AKG D112

1 x AKG C518 w/ clip

2 x AKG C430

1 x DI box

4 x boom mic stand

1 x kick drum mic stand

10 x XLR (band) – additional cabling as required by PA system

Backline: All band members provide their own backline equipment
Sound-engineer: Required

We’ll haul all this stuff right to your venue to make sure your event sounds amazing!